My Favourite Eye Creams


Okay so we all know the benefits on using cucumber on our eyes however not everyone can be fussed in the mornings to slice some up and slap it on and for me this is where eye creams step in! I love using them and it has become a part of my everyday routine worn with or without makeup it’s the perfect fix for tired looking eyes and works a treat for plumping up the skin around the eye. Our eyes go through a lot day to day from the moment we wake up till we go to sleep they are in constant use wether we are watching tv, reading, applying or removing makeup to rubbing them when when we are tired, so I always make sure they get a little TLC to keep my peepers looking peppy.

My favourite benefits  from using them are:

  • Cheat your way to a perkier face, looking fresh and bright prepares you for any day
  • Hide the fact that you may not have had much sleep by reducing puffiness
  • Concealer application goes on a lot more smoothly
  • Soothe and hydrate agitated/dry skin around the eye

Below are my top 4 creams:

Clinique Pep Start 15ml      

DSCN1432 (2) 

100% Fragrance free – this one is my current fave, the formulation is light yet still provides a good amount of moisture I also love the applicator nozzle which you have to push up to squeeze out the product so you don’t use too much and it can lie safe in your handbag.

Boots Underperfumed Elderflower Gel 15ml

DSCN1434 (2)
This had me at Elderflower! I was quite excited when I purchased this one as I had not used a gel under my eyes before, this one feels quite jelly-like and instantly feels cooling to the eye which is quite refreshing I like to give it a minute or two so it can settle into the skin before I put anything else on top. It also has an ever so slight tacky feeling where applied

Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm 15ml            


Great for sensitive skin and does not contain artificial perfume or colour
Less balmy and more of a thinner consistency than the other creams it is quickly absorbed leaving the eye area noticeably smoother.
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

bobbi brown eye cream
A silky formula which deeply hydrates yet has a light whipped consistency, again I like to let this one settle into the skin for a minute or two and leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. A little luxury in a pot!

With all creams/gels I use a small amount and using my ring finger lightly pat the product into the skin (never tug or drag the under eye area as the skin is delicate) apply your makeup or moisturiser as normal and your good to go!


Let me know of your favourite eye creams!

Natalie x

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