5 Holiday Hairstyles for Curls

The two words which come to mind for my hair routine on holiday are, “low maintenance”. The second thought I have is, “high moisture”. I don’t wish to tamper too much with my hair though I like to experiment with various styles and play with ideas that will keep my hair away from my face. I ensure that my hair is well moisturised as being out in the sun is very drying for the hair, I find oils such as Coconut & Moroccan work wonders for me. Whilst away my hair accessories consisted of 3 hair pins, 2 elastic bands, 2 colourful cloth head bands and 1 jaw clip –
Shown below are the looks I wore:

Look 1
Simple Up Do -Leave a section of hair at the front down and then twist the remaining hair upwards and secure with a jaw clip, I then placed a cute headband over to finish the look.
Look 2
One Puff – All hair is pulled to the top of the head and secured with an elastic.
Look 3
IMG 4 (2)
Two Knots – Hair is parted down the centre and each section is twisted and then wrapped around itself to form a knot, then secured with an elastic.
Look 4
Soft Curls – Leaving hair parted in two it is then braided into 2 plaits and slept in over night to produce a slightly softer wave once taken out.
Look 5
Big & Bouncy – a small section is secured up and away from the face using 2 hair pins the rest is left to fall naturally.
I hope you can find a few ideas for your own holiday looks!
Natalie x
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